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A Sinister Tale About


I wrote the book during lock down. I wanted to write a novel and complete it from beginning to end. That is to have it edited professionally and get it published. I have three novels in the pipeline and have never got to that completion stage. I encourage others to achieve their dreams in my…

A Mystery Woman

I suppose that we’re all a bit of a mystery none of us like to expose ourselves entirely and yet one things I have learned over the years is that by divulging a bit of yourself to others they in their turn will reveal something of themselves. This in turn leads to a deeper understanding of each other. In my novel, The Woman in the Woods, Jenny tries to hide from society to heal her wounds but she cant escape entirely and through the woodland rangers wife, Marjorie, she is able to see herself. Her friend Kate proves to be a great support and so it is that we all need our ‘community’ in the end.

Searching for the Truth

My programme on Sidvalleyradio is called Mind Body and Soul and I encourage people to be brave, to step out and show your true colours to be the ‘real me’. This is not always easy when juggling life, supporting a family, friends, holding down a job and trying to be the person we feel the world would like to see. When I was a young woman I often used to say, ‘will the real Wendy please stand up’ I was a young mother, wife and work colleague. But I wondered who I really was. It is possible to be all these things and be true to yourself and I tried to show this in my novel as Jenny was faced with different challenges trying not to compromise herself.

Wendy Knee

Inspiring Life Coach, Writer & Author

I love to write. I write about everything and anything and for years I kept a blog but The Woman in The Woods is my first novel.

I’ve had the good fortune to travel far and wide, volunteering in Africa and Mexico, travelling on the Trans Siberian Railway and much more. I play the saxophone in a big saxophone band. I present a radio programme, Mind Body and Soul on .

I have two daughters and five grandchildren all of whom are now grown up. I spend the winters in Spain. Most important to me are the people I meet along the way, people and places fascinate me, writing and reading feed me.

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