Inbetween Christmas and New Year

Its that timeof year, in between Christmas and new year when everyone is on the move again and we were no exception. I’d arranged to meet my daughter half way at a hotel outside Newport. It had an imposing entrance and reception area, but oh the noise. I was surprised to see so many young children running around I’d been with my grown up family. I’d also recently come off an ‘adults only’ cruise ship. Christmas used to be like this for me as well, young children, mayhem, fatigue from too much food and drink but usually experienced at home, not in a luxury hotel.

We had an hour to kill and I was still learning computer skills and so Craig we went to the restaurant area to get a coffee and access the internet. Coffee was only being served to residents and the other coffee lounge was for members only, this being a golfing hotel. what was one to do? A little imagination and confidence got us a coffee and a table where I could work on my lap top.

We got the phone call saying that my daughter was ten minutes away and the waiter was hoovering around the tables, a signal to leave. We collected our belongings together and then noticed the photo opportunity, a frame of fairy lights with an autumnal backdrop. It cheered us up as we snapped each other, something to remember this particular meeting place.